Reformer Instructor


Reformer Instructor Training


Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification
by Pilatesprop®

In-person training module
Duration: 5 Days
Training hours: 9:00-16:00
Practice with partner:16:30-18:30
Teaching assignment and observation to be assigned by host studio.

Day​ 1: Fundamentals

Review of biomechanics
Anatomy of Pilates
History of Contrology
Fundamental movements (35 Matworks)
Body reading concept
Benefits of Contrology
Reformer creations
Classifying exercises blocks
Intentions vs Instructions

Day 2: Reformer exercises, Part I

Springs,straps, and resistance concepts
Routine warm up series
Routine stretching series
Footbar series
Lower body block

Day 3: Reformer exercises, Part II

Hands in straps series
Feet in straps series
Stretching with straps
Rowing series
Kneeling series
Upper body block

Day 4: Reformer exercises, Part III

Abdominal block
Coordination series
FBI series
Standing series
Variations & modification
Fluidity and Flow

Day​ 5: Reformer exercises, Part IV

(Box, jump board, and small props)

Short Box series
Long Box series
Jumping board series
Using small props
Adjustment and hands in skills
Instructor ethics

After the completion of the training, participants are required to submit essay paper as well as demonstration

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